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Mutual Self-Betterment, Day 4 & 5

I decided not to make a video yesterday for Day 4 of the Mutual Self Betterment Pact, but I have a special video for Day 5. Watch as Matt Fox reflects on his five days as a vegetarian. He hints at us maybe continuing the challenge, which Matt and I will talk about in a [...]

December 8, 2008  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: Misc  One Comment

Mutual Self-Betterment, Day Three

Today is Day Three of my and Matt Fox’s Mutual Self-Betterment Challenge. I have successfully eaten 2 fresh fruits every day for 3 days now, despite how much I hate eating fruits. I haven’t seen video proof yet, but I have talked to Matt Fox and he is doing well as a vegetarian. He said [...]

December 6, 2008  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: Misc  3 Comments

Mutual Self-Betterment Pact Day Two

Today is the second day of my Mutual Self-Betterment Pact with Matt Fox. The short story is that I have agreed to eat 2 fruits every day for the next week and Matt Fox has agreed to be a vegetarian. Today I ate a grapefruit and an avocado. Here’s the video evidence: Today’s video is [...]

December 5, 2008  Tags: , ,   Posted in: Misc  3 Comments