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Manda Rose

Manda Rose started volunteering for VegWorcester in preparation for the 2010 VegFest and now has now stepped up to be a regular contributor to the VegWorcester blog.

Manda is a local photographer- (Have you seen her shots of the 2010 VegFest?), and she also makes a pretty impressive vegan cupcake.

Some of her interests include: vegan cooking, raw foods, organics, cruelty-free cosmetics, animal rights, and of course all things Worcester! If those things are up your alley, look out for her posts here. Or check out her personal blog,, where she has been sharing her experience with local veg restaurants and documenting her experiments in the kitchen.

DISCLOSURE: Manda lives outside the Worcester
city limits (but she's still in Worcester county.)

Recent Posts by Manda Rose

“Flesh is for Zombies!” Protest @ McDonalds (event)

Halloween is coming up, and we’ve got quite the fun action planned for all of you! Get into the holiday spirit and join local activists for a fun, light-hearted demonstration outside of McDonald’s on Saturday, October 22, at 12:00 p.m. in order to remind passersby that flesh is for zombies. That’s right: Eating corpses is [...]

October 20, 2011  Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,   Posted in: Activism, Events  3 Comments

Local activists protest Circus Cruelty in Worcester, MA

Members of VegWorcester, Private Citizens for Pets in Peril , and Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) met up on Saturday, October 8th to protest Ringling Bros Circus Cruelty. The peaceful protest included sign-holding and leafleting to circus-goers in front of several Worcester DCU Center entrances to a Ringling Circus event. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & [...]

October 11, 2011  Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,   Posted in: Animal Rights, Events  No Comments

October Loving Hut Buffet [event]

Loving Hut Chandler’s monthly vegan buffet fundraiser is this weekend– Saturday, October 8th, from noon-5pm, 415 Chandler St. Worcester, MA. As always – ALL VEGAN! ALL TASTY! ALL YOU CAN EAT! Its only $10, and 10% of proceeds are donated to VegWorcester to support local events and outreach. This week, some members of VegWorcester will be attending the [...]

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Say NO to Circus Cruelty in Worcester [event]

  WHAT: Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) is hosting the Ringling Bros Circus Protest in Worcester again this weekend. VegWorcester members have participated in this demonstration in previous years and will be joining again to send the message that animals used in circus entertainment is cruel and unnecessary. WHEN: Saturday, October 8th (1:00-3:30pm) WHERE: Worcester [...]

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Michael Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation Presentation (Event)

Michael Budkie of  Stop Animal Exploitation Now!  will give a presentation at Loving Hut Chandler  tonight, Monday, September 26th on animal exploitation and exposing the truth of animal experimentation in laboratories.  Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) was founded in 1996 to force an end to the abuse of animals in laboratories. The event will begin [...]

September 26, 2011  Tags: , , , , , ,   Posted in: Activism, Animal Rights  No Comments

Visit VegWorcester’s table this weekend at Pride & StART! [Events]

We had an awesome time at Open Road Festival, King St. Block Party and Pet Rock Festival last weekend! We met a ton of veg-friendly folks, gave out 800 Worcester Vegetarian Dining Guides throughout the weekend and even met a few vegan dogs at Pet Rock. Also at our Pet Rock table, we met a [...]

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September Loving Hut Buffet &Upcoming Worcester Festivals [Events]

Loving Hut’s monthly vegan buffet is this coming up again tomorrow – Saturday, September 10th, from noon-5pm! ALL VEGAN! ALL TASTY! ALL YOU CAN EAT! Only $10, and 10% of proceeds are donated to VegWorcester to support local events and outreach. Come chow down on some delicious vegan food, 415 Chandler St. Worcester, MA. Don’t forget to grab [...]

September 9, 2011   Posted in: Misc  2 Comments

VegWorcester 2011 Focus

VegWorcester has been busy this year and we thought we’d share some of the projects we’ve been workin on… WINTER/SPRING 2011: Last winter we had a small awesome group putting together the entire 2011 WorcesterVegFest. Our group met weekly, organizing everything to do with a kick-ass vegan festival for about 3,000 people. We had several [...]

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Loving Hut Buffet this Saturday, August 13th [Event]

Loving Hut’s monthly vegan buffet is this coming up again, this Saturday, August 13th, from noon-5pm. As usual, its all vegan, $10 for all you can eat, and 10% of proceeds are donated to VegWorcester to support local events and outreach. Come chow down on some delicious vegan food, 415 Chandler St. Worcester, MA. We’re hoping to have some copies [...]

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Daiya’s New Cheesy Vegan Pepperjack Shreds

Daiya won the VegNews 2010 Veggie Award for Best Vegan Cheese for thier tasty and melty Mozzerella and Cheddar flavored vegan “cheese” shreds, and now they’ve got a new flavor: Pepperjack! The Living Earth on Park Ave. in Worcester carries all three flavors, including the new Pepperjack style shreds. Whole Foods in Framingham does not [...]

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