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2013 Mac Daddy Competition

Vegan Mac & Cheese Cook-Off

Saturday, January 26, 2013 5:30pm

Location 126 Eastern Ave, Worcester, MA

Enter your best vegan mac & cheese recipe in the 2013 Mac Daddy Competition. Is your dish better than all the rest? Win fame, prizes, & some sweet bling.

Bring a few dollars, this is a fundraiser for VegWorcester. $5-$10 at the door (but no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

Why avoid dairy? Jump to the answer below.

Competition Rules

  1. All dishes entered must be vegan. That means don’t use any animal products. Forego dairy, meat and eggs.  See below if you need some tips on cooking.
  2. Dishes must include some kind of pasta and some kind of cheese-like thing. The rest is up to you. Let’s see some really creative and delicious dishes.
  3. One entry per person. You can only enter one dish in the competition.


Winners will be decided by popular vote. The details of voting will be explained at the event. Last year the voting was a little confusing. This time we promise it will way easier.

Cooking Tips

Why Make It Vegan?

Every cow in the dairy industry is forced to give birth every single year in order to keep producing milk. Those calves are ripped from their mothers at birth and sold to the veal industry. They’re shackled in wooden crates for the entirety of their short, miserable lives. These calves are tortured, killed, cut up, and then their corpses are turned into veal to be fed to rich people. Yuck!

Veg-friendly Restaurants in Worcester

For a list of restaurants in the Worcester area with lots of good dairy-free options see Belmont Veg has vegan mac & cheese almost every day.

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  2. avatar gail h - February 24, 2011

    I need to know how much of my award-winning mac-n-cheese to make. About how many servings should be enough do you think?

  3. avatar Drew - February 24, 2011

    Make enough for 8 people to eat a full meal. Everyone will take a little bit of each, so that should be enough.

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