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Intern at VegWorcester this Summer – Defend Animals, Advocate Vegetarianism

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This summer we are trying a new internship program! Want to do it? Or know someone who would? Get in touch ASAP.

What is a VegWorcester internship all about?

8 weeks, 24 hours/week, 3 days/week, June 1-July 31

During your internship, you will have the opportunity to work directly with rescued farmed animals and you will have some time to organize with us at the VegWorcester office. Your day-to-day tasks will depend on your skills and interests. As a part of the application process we’ll discuss what kind of tasks you are excited about and how to leverage those for animals in factory farms. Email now: info@VegWorcester or Call 508-499-8342. It is 8 weeks, part-time, starting very soon. VegWorcester is an all-volunteer group, so this internship is unpaid. You can definitely have another job at the same time.

We are…

…an animal rights group that advocates vegan living. We organize the huge annual Worcester VegFest, distribute thousands of brochures, and hold events and demonstrations that advocate for the interests of animals. We are a small organization with plenty of opportunities for you to make a big impact.

You are…

…motivated, outgoing, positive, excited about protecting animals and advocating for vegetarianism. You’re an activist (or aspiring activist) wanting to build your skillset, contribute to the animal rights movement in Massachusetts, make connections, and expand VegWorcester’s outreach efforts.

You could be involved in…

Depending on your interests and skills, we can have you doing any of these tasks. Everyone gets to spend some time working directly with rescued animals and doing outreach.

  • Grassroots outreach: leafleting & tabling
  • Hands-on farm work with rescued farm animals
  • Fundraising & grant-writing
  • Marketing & writing: blogging, writing brochures
  • Representing VegWorcester at tables at community events and concerts
  • Creative work: design posters, shirts, buttons, merch
  • Planning & promoting events
  • Community development and non-profit management
  • Organizing demonstrations and outreach events


Get in touch asap. We’re looking to get this going fast. Email us at info@VegWorcester.com or call 508-499-8342. If you email, please include your phone number. We’ll set up a time to talk on the phone or meet in person.

Bonus Points: Print & hang up our flyer

We need help getting to word out about this internship. We have an internship flyer (pdf) that you can print and post. We would also love if you posted this on your facebook page or email this to people who may be interested.

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  1. avatar Joanne Descoteau - June 23, 2012

    My daughter and I are interested in the internship. Are we too late to apply?

  2. avatar Drew - June 23, 2012

    Hi Joanne, you are too late for the this round of internship, but we are likely going to do another internship program in the Fall. I will send you an email, Joanne. :)

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