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Loving Hut buffet today, VegFest tomorrow

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This is a fun weekend. Today Loving Hut is doing their all-you-can-eat vegan buffet fundraiser for VegWorcester. Only $10. Noon-5pm. Want to go but don’t want to sit alone? Join VegWorcester people at the center table. Some group of us will be there from noon-3pm. Don’t be shy!

Oh and have you heard? We’re having a little old VegFest tomorrow. You should stop by.

April 14, 2012   Posted in: Misc

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  1. avatar Kenneth - April 14, 2012

    Eastern Orthodox Christians fast from meat/dairy twice a week most of the year and for several longish fasts during the year. The Veg-Fest might’ve been of interest to this constituency, but you scheduled it on Pascha — the Orthodox “Easter”, the holiest holdiay of their calendar. A lost opportunity.

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