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Telegram & Gazette: “VegFest continues to grow” & “Small steps, big results”

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This past weekend the frontpage of the Living Section of the Telegram & Gazette featured two stories about the upcoming Worcester VegFest: Small steps, big results and VegFest continues to grow. See some excerpts below.

From Small steps, big results by Nancy Sheehan:

Maybe you want to try a vegan diet because you’ve heard that it leads to better health, more energy and weight loss. So suddenly there you are, cleaning out your fridge of all the eggs, butter, milk and meat that have been your dietary mainstay for years, the go-to goodies you’ve relied on to stave off late-afternoon hunger or throw together a quick dinner on a busy weeknight. (After doing this, all that many people would be looking at is a half-rotted head of iceberg lettuce and a jar of very well aged mustard.) After that, you might even find yourself shaking your head at co-workers’ fat-laced lunches and posting farm-animal cruelty links on Facebook.

What would wellness expert and longtime vegan Kathy Freston say about your newfound zeal? Probably something like “Stop doing that stuff. Ease yourself into lifestyle changes. Work your way gently toward getting the animals off your dinner plate.”

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From VegFest continues to grow by Nancy Sheehan:

Worcester VegFest was so crowded last year that organizers went out and found a larger venue for this year’s festival, which will be April 15 at Worcester Technical High School.

“We decided to find a new location that allows us to grow, year after year,” Drew Wilson, the president and founder of VegWorcester, the group that organizes the VegFest, said. “Worcester Tech High is a perfect fit. We have space for more vendors, a bigger room for the presenters and we are excited to be able to accommodate more attendees.”

For the third annual VegFest, Wilson is expecting about 3,000 people, but it could be more — and maybe many more. He has been surprised before.

“The first year we were expecting 500 and were blown away when 2,000 people showed up,” he said. “Last year we were more prepared for the crowd, and we were thrilled to have over 3,000 people attend.”

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Kathy Freston is scheduled to be interviewed by Jasmin Singer from Our Hen House at 2:15-3pm, followed by a 30 min signing of her new book, The Lean. Copies of Veganist and Quantum Wellness will also be available.

Excited? Check out the presenter schedule and plan your day out. And RSVP for the facebook event.

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