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We’ve had some website problems, but they’re fixed now. Right?

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Hi everyone, we’ve had some reports come in about our site having some problems. Some browsers were reporting that VegWorcester was a spam site or something. It should be fixed now. But we need your help. Could you give a quick check in your browser and leave a comment here if you’re still experiencing any problems?

If you do have a problem with the site please leave a comment below and tell us: what browser you’re using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and what operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Thanks!

June 22, 2011   Posted in: Misc

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  1. avatar @isitvegan - June 22, 2011

    Not a HUGE deal, but there is an X at the beginning of your header when viewing source. And of course, the browser shows an X in the upper left corner.

    View Source:
    x<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC … blah

  2. avatar Drew - June 22, 2011

    Ok, cool. We had some kind of injection attack that put some javascript redirect code at the top of our pages so I must have left that X there by mistake. I’ll remove it.

    Thanks for the heads up, buddy!

  3. avatar Drew - June 24, 2011

    Ok, so based on email feedback, it sounds like we’re still having some malware problem. Or at least, we’re still having it on Windows XP/Internet Explorer. Anyone know someone who’s good with this sort of thing and who would want to help us fix the problem?

  4. avatar Drew - July 5, 2011

    Alright. So now for real this site is cleaned up. Thanks to everyone who emailed!

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