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PETA Ad in Worcester Getting a Lot of Coverage: WoMag, NECN, InCity Times

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Have you seen PETA’s pro-vegan wallscape ad on Pleasant Street? For a single banner, this thing is getting a lot of play. NECN, Worcester Mag, and InCity Times have all run pieces on it.

The Coverage

NECN aired a story called “PETA Criticized for Racy Billboard”. You can watch the 5 minute piece on their website. It features a few of those person-on-the-street interviews.

Worcester Mag ran an upbeat and positive piece on the ad, “Go Vegan” is what the doctor ordered. Definitely check it out!

InCity Times ran a letter from Ingrid Newkirk, PETA founder and president. They also ran a letter to the editor that wasn’t happy with the new ad (unfortunately the letter isn’t online).

I’m glad to see that each story mentions that PETA also named Worcester among the top veg-friendly cities in America.

December 13, 2010   Posted in: News

3 Responses

  1. avatar Rae - December 31, 2010

    As much as I support veganism, I have to admit that this ad is a bit crude. I don’t feel as though it is absolutely necessary to exploit sexuality/women/nursing to get the point across. There were much more tasteful ways this could have been handled and still used the same approach.

  2. avatar Concerned - January 3, 2011

    I don’t think that you get a ‘body’ like that as a vegan. PETA, you avoided animal exploitation; however, I agree with Rae–this is exploiting all of the above to make your point. I’m slightly offended and think it is a pretty pitiful advertisement. Just what are you advocating?

  3. avatar Kay7271 - February 4, 2011

    I support PETA. PETA is offensive, but everyday meat-eaters who contribute to the worst of humanities problems are not offensive at all? I am nice to meat-eaters, too, but PETA is not the offensive one here. YAY PETA!

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