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Photos & Quick Reportback from Today’s Vegan Donut Feed-in [Photos]

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Today’s vegan donut feed-in went really well! We gave out about 100 donut samples and flyers about the campaign to get Dunkin Donuts to add vegan donuts. We were out there urging Dunkin Donuts to quit supporting animal cruelty at egg factory farms. We met some vegetarians and vegan who were excited to see us out there, some Dunkin customers were shocked to see images of the inside of DD’s egg-suppliers. Everything went really smoothly, despite a little hassle from a cop who was a tad grumpy about not getting his donuts fast enough. (No joke.)

I just posted some photos on the VegWorcester flickr page.

Greg took some sweet photos too, which I will post soon.

UPDATE: Greg’s kick-ass photos are now in the Feed-in flickr photo set.

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  1. avatar Hassled and Photographed - January 28, 2010

    If by smoothly you mean hassling the poor workers who were intimidated by your using banners to block people from walking into the DD, and using a camera and accosting people trying to get in, then yes, it went smoothly.

    I suggest you find a more constructive way to make your points. These shops are just franchises owned by local families. Protest the corporate franchisor HQ, where the actual decisions are made. The shops have zero control over what you are concerned about. Why do you want to bother their workers and patrons?

  2. avatar Melissa - January 31, 2010

    I have done demos and feed-ins with most of the people who were sign holding and handing out info on Veganism I have never saw anyone force information or block people from freely walking on the side walk. We know our rights and respect others as well. Public demos can be held anywhere on city side walks as long as it is not on the business’s property. Sidewalks are the main spot and are public not business owned therefore anyone can demo or protest as they wish as long as it’s not harmful. What’s so wrong about educating people about a healthier way of living? Lots of Love me friends!

  3. avatar Hassled and Photographed - April 23, 2011

    Look at the freakin pictures! Banner spread out IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE!

    And no, you cannot demonstrate on public sidewalks. It interferes with the rights of everyone else trying to use the public sidewalk. This is why there are permits required for protests in public spaces. THe people who don’t care about your burning issue have rights.

  4. avatar derp - February 9, 2012

    That’s a window, not a door

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