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Get your vegan cheese and marshmallows at the Artichoke Food Coop

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The Artichoke Food Coop is now offering Teese and Dandies from Chicago Soy Dairy–the best vegan cheese and marshmallows available. The Artichoke is not only the first place in Worcester to offer these goodies. It is not only the first place in Central Massachusetts. The Artichoke is the first place in the entire state of Massachusetts to sell Teese and Dandies.


Chicago Soy Dairy offers 3 flavors of Teese. But until the Artichokes see how it sells, they are only stocking the Cheddar. If it sells well, you can expect them to add Mozzarella and possibly others.


Dandies are the yummy little vegan marshmallows. They don’t contain any gelatin, so you’re not eating a skeleton. Gelatin is often made from the scraps on the floor of slaughterhouses: animal bones, skin, and hooves. Yuck!


Dandies, on the other hand, are really tasty and are just like marshmallows you would find at Big Y or Stop and Shop. You can make s’mores with them, vegan rice crispy treats, or just eat them plain.

If you haven’t tried these two yummy products yet, go out and pick some up asap. I made grilled cheese last night, then roasted marshmallow over a fire. Delicious.



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  1. avatar Mike - July 9, 2009

    Didn’t know that was Teese the other night–very tasty! Something I will try when cooking at the Catholic Worker.

  2. avatar Jeremy - June 17, 2010

    stopped by to pick up some dandies for the summer – none to be found :(
    the clerk had no idea about them…

  3. avatar Stephanie Artichoke! - June 17, 2010

    Hey vegan folks, Artichoke volunteer here!

    We’ve carried these products in the past but from what I hear the marshmallows especially didn’t sell soon enough, and ended up going pretty stale and had to be tossed. Being that we are a co-op, I would highly recommend that yall get together and find enough people to order a case. The Artichoke doesn’t often have a huge amount of extra cash to spend on items that aren’t sure to sell, but we’d be happy to supply you if you wanted to bulk order them. That way we are all happy…you get your marshmallows, and we don’t lose cash on spoiled goods!

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